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Best Party Halls El Paso TX

Voted Best Party Halls El Paso TX:

Cri Cri Party Hall

Banquet Hall, El Paso TX

(915) 213-1027

Monte Carlo Party Hall

Banquet Hall, El Paso TX

(915) 213-1027

Fun House Party Hall

Event Venue, El Paso TX

(915) 213-1027

Gumballs Party Room

Party Planner, El Paso TX

(915) 213-1027

Prisma Party Hall

Ballroom hall, El Paso TX

(915) 213-1027

El Campanario Ballroom

Ballroom hall, El Paso TX

(915) 213-1027

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Birthday Party Checklist – All there is to do to plan your next party in a party hall in El Paso

Save this page and check on each item as your event gets closer and closer.

Don’t miss anything when booking Party Halls El Paso TX.

Too much to do for your child’s birthday party? The secret is in party planning ahead of time, sometimes even 4 months before or just 2 weeks ahead, but it’s always crucial to plan and have a check list.

Here’s the perfect birthday party checklist you need to make sure your next event is a success.


  • Help your child choose a theme for the party
  • Do a guest list on who’s coming to the big day
  • Get ahead of everyone and book a party hall or venue


  • Get your invitations ready (Don’t forget to add any info: date, time and place… it’s also wise to include your child’s clothing sizes)
  • Ask for your child’s teacher for an updated class list
  • Make sure you think about games, activities and menu to match your party theme and entertain your mini guests.
  • Give yourself enough time to order the cake, especially if it’s going to be custom made to match the theme


  • Send out invitations
  • Get all your party supplies, especially the ones you’re ordering on-line
  • Get some extra help from friends or family, it always comes in handy


  • Make a party flow schedule on what’s happening when and how
  • Double check you have all your party supplies in hand, if not, now is the time to finish shopping
  • Confirm with family and close friends their attendance if you haven’t hear from them yet


  • Purchase food supplies
  • Make sure your cameras are fully charged
  • Confirm all the details of the event with all the vendors and entertainment
  • Confirm details of the event with the party hall
  • Get the party favors on!


  • Cake time! Either bake it or pick up your custom made cake
  • Confirm with your extra set of hands (extra help) to make sure they’re still on board
  • Decorate home or gather decorations for party venue (this might be the same day if using a party hall)
  • Cook and have all your food ready to go for the big day


  • Send thank you notes and share all your pictures with your family and close friends!

6 Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Party Halls El Paso TX


While planning a kids party, you have many options and things to consider beforehand. In any case, picking a party halls el paso tx is the one choice that will have the biggest effect on your occasion. Starting with basic planning, for example: the date for the occasion can make or kill your party. Naturally, settling on this decision can be somewhat scary as it can be difficult to recognize what to search for while selecting a venue.

Before you start your inquiry, there are a couple of things you’ll need to have a solid comprehension of:

  • Budget for the event
  • Number of guests and invites
  • Sort of occasion (formal, cutting edge, and so forth.)

Once you have an idea¬† of the basics of your event, then you can start looking for the right place. It’s important to book your party hall in El Paso TX at least 6 months before. Venues tend to run out of dates pretty fast, so by booking with plenty of time will guarantee your date availability.

Now, finding the right party hall can take up considerable time, unless you find one on this page! But even so, here are some ideas to speed up the process:

  • Talk to a friend or family to get some recommendations of possible places they’ve used or know about.
  • Look for one online, for example here, to help you look through the numerous of party halls available.
    • When you’re ready to start visiting the places, consider these 10 things when choosing the right hall.
  1. Price

    Although we don’t recommend choosing your party hall based on price, it’s still a must-consider factor the choose your venue. Basing your decision on price might kill the excitement of the party, as trending places usually have higher prices but ensure top notch entertainment. Usually choosing Saturday is more expensive than a Thursday or Sunday event. Make sure you consider this if you want to save some bucks.

  2. Location of the event.

    A great location for your party implies different things depending on your scenario. For an event where all your guests live in the same city, a 25 minute drive works perfect for every body in El Paso. On the other side, if most of your guests are flying in from other areas then a party hall near the El Paso airport might work perfect for you.

  3. Decoration

    Take enough time to take care of your decoration to make your theme come to life. Your decorations should go with your theme and be nice to the decorations of the venue too.

  4. Amenities and Services Available

    Once you start meeting with your Party Halls El Paso TX, take in consideration the services they offer and what they don’t offer, for example:
    Having a kitchen available for you. This can save you big bucks on the catering of your event or it can simply make it easier for you.

    Does the party venue provide tables, seats and cloths you can use for your event? If the venue does not provide any of these, you’ll have to provide them and it’ll come in an additional cost to you.

    Does the venue provide setup staff? A great staff can be a big help coordinating your event, ensure that everything goes smooth and will help with anything you need during your party.

  5. Capacity and Number of Invites

    Make sure you understand the capacity of people the party hall holds. This will also come in handy on how many invitations to send out. Honestly, it’ll be a little tricky to fit 500 people in a 250 limit hall. At the same time, knowing that the hall has a limit of 250 people will help you calculate the number of invitations to send out.